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The “excellent, knowledgeable and highly recommended IP professionals” at Becerril, Coca & Becerril have been practising on the frontlines for over five decades. The robust unit comprises specialised litigators, prosecutors, docket managers and technical experts, all geared towards ensuring that their clientele receives top-quality and commercially focused advice. Senior partner Fernando Becerril, director of patents and technology Octavio Espejo, technology transfer office and technical department lead Mariana González-Vargas, and legal director Juan Carlos Amaro anchor the practice. Becerril puts his technical background in mechanical and electrical engineering to good use supporting inventors in electronics, telecommunications and software. IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Espejo also adds technical expertise to the team with a background in electro-mechanical engineering and a flair in asset valuation. González-Vargas garners strong recommendations from the market: “She is an outstanding attorney and person, and has expanded the depth of her skill set with licensing and technology transfer advice.” “She fully supports her clients through every step of the process, providing high-level prosecution advice and contributing creative arguments to all office actions.” In litigation, Amaro offers focused and strategic advice, and his counsel is always well rounded, courtesy of his profound knowledge of ancillary disciplines, such as commercial and corporate law.

Firm Profile

Becerril, Coca & Becerril (BC&B) is an international law firm specialised in legal and business consultancy. Over fifty years of experience and a series of transformations – both technological and organisational – have unified the way in which BC&B offers its services, positioning the organisation as the first law and business firm in Mexico.

BC&B offers a wide range of legal services designed to boost, safeguard, optimise and defend its clients’ businesses and their valuable assets, as well as to give them support and assistance in addressing the contingencies that naturally occur in the day-to-day running of any company. Advice is delivered in an integrated and timely manner.

As one of the firm’s core practice areas, BC&B’s IP department is well established in Mexico. This is reflected in the fact that the BC&B IP partners and associates are recognised experts in their area of practice and routinely win awards from leading IP publications worldwide. In addition, the firm has been expanding its range of IP services in order to satisfy clients’ needs.

As part of its solutions portfolio, BC&B runs a litigation group that covers a great variety of legal services, including corporate, civil, business, family and commercial arbitration law. The firm also has a business transformation practice, where specialists provide solutions for strategic and business transformation and systematic innovation of any business, regardless of its dimension and/or industry sector.

The firm’s technology transfer office is the result of the synergy between knowledge and skills, focused on supporting emergent and well-established companies with the economic exploitation of intangible assets and implementation of related business strategies. BC&B provides tools that enable clients to take care of their technological creations in a fully integrated manner.

As a result of its continual quest to strengthen solutions and scope, in 2019 BC&B became part of Velae Legal Group, an Ibero-American group of multinational firms with representation in many countries, committed to offering clients diverse services and solutions with the highest quality standards and professionalism.

Through all these actions, BC&B will continue to evolve its service offering to meet its clients’ needs in an era of constant change and transformation.

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