Bandpay & Greuter

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A glittering client roster and pristine track record before the EPO earn Bandpay & Greuter its debut appearance in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. The likes of Toshiba Tec and Total call on the firm for astute portfolio management; while on the contentious front it has been masterminding oppositions for Japan Tobacco International and providing technical assistance to law firms in a range of patent infringement disputes. It is particularly dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of overseas clients: Japanese companies are served by a dedicated team of Japanese natives; Chinese clients can call on Greater China manager Anchi Tsai; and the group is also home to professionals from Greece, Iran and Mexico. Thanks to a PhD at the interface of physics and biology, Renaud Fulconis takes to any technical subject matter like a fish to water: “He makes sense of the blurriest of situations, is very experienced and provides sharp, practical advice every time. His strong technical background means he can easily understand varied and complex technologies; and he can handle complex cases while maintaining an intelligible customer interface.” On hand to assist with patent prosecution across Europe, the United States and Asia is co-founder Aujain Eghbali, who gained valuable experience through training at the University of Tokyo and a research placement at Toshiba in Yokohama. He is a familiar face at the EPO, especially on behalf of medical devices companies, and receives warm plaudits from patrons: “Aujain can handle the most complex inventions, especially those requiring excellent skills in applied mathematics. He is adaptable, shows rare technical understanding and delivers efficient work.”

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