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“A comprehensive, precise and quality offering can be found at AWA”, an outfit with considerable technical depth and an excellent international presence. It operates out of 19 offices and is perfectly positioned to assist a wide array of clients, whenever and wherever their needs may arise. In Brussels the team have plenty of work keeping them busy. Eric Van Malderen has been assisting Sopura, a division of the Kersia group, with its IP strategy and the prosecution of its applications. Along with Dieter Heck, he has also been aiding leading Belgian biotechnology company Galactic and engineering company Futerro with their strategy work and pending oppositions. Heck has also been lending his talents to hairdryer manufacturer Babyliss and mining company Carmeuse. For the latter, he enlisted the help of IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Emmanuel Flamme. Rounding off the team, Marc Lerho has built a longstanding relationship with Ampacimon and assists them with all aspects of their global IP strategy. “Marc always provides excellent advice. He guides his patrons through every step of the process and is always willing to discuss new ideas.”

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“A unique combination of Asian and European mindsets in the combination with IP strategy and business understanding”, AWA Asia is a manifestation of the ideal multicultural IP establishment – its multilingual band of IP lawyers and attorneys understands every need of international clients and tailors its China service for their strategic and commercial goals. An engineer by trade, Xiaofan Chen is a must-have on speed dial when it comes to contentious and non-contentious inbound patent matters. His practice successfully bridges the gap between European and Chinese IP legislation and has earned him an illustrious array of EU patrons.

Gold - Firms: prosecution

With 370-plus specialists operating out of 20 offices across eight countries, including China and Switzerland, AWA is an absolute powerhouse on the IP landscape and is well equipped to handle any brief that comes its way. Its attorneys are diligent, thorough and, most importantly, super easy to talk to, which combined with their hyper-focused industry approach has earned them a loyal following among those in the mechanics, life sciences and high-tech sectors. Robust leadership is supplied in abundance by Sidsel Hauge, “one of the sharpest minds in Denmark”. “She is strategic, knowledgeable and does her utmost to ensure that her clients feel happy and confident – so much so that they completely let her take over the reins on their pan-European projects! Simply put, Sidsel is the absolute best and a real pleasure to work with.” Industry heavyweights in the mechanics arena take comfort in the advice provided by Mikkel Roed Trier, Eva Carlsson, and Vibeke Warberg Rohde. “Highly skilled and a tremendously valuable asset in high-speed litigation, Mikkel is amazing at explaining the technical ins and outs to those that have little, or no, knowledge of the industry. He is so impressive, and I would not hesitate to instruct him again.” “Eva is an excellent patent attorney and her vast experience in international litigation distinguishes her from others in her field. She excels in terms of skill, timeliness and client focus, and her advice is always to the point, on both a strategic and material level.” Warberg Rohde acquits herself with distinction before the European Patent Office (EPO) and has an excellent understanding of international patenting processes, particularly those in China. A discerning choice for electronics briefs, Kim Garsdal Nielsen leverages the knowledge he gained as a search examiner at the EPO to effortlessly see applications through to grant. In the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry Helle Friis Svenstrup and Michael Bech Sommer are tough to beat. Prosecuting supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), managing global portfolios and devising worldwide IP strategies are all within Friis Svenstrup’s wheelhouse, while “Bech Sommer impresses with his strong science background and ability to build on and enhance patent applications. He is highly skilled, dedicated and tremendously helpful at every turn. He proactively suggests new initiatives and projects that add great value to our overall business, which coupled with his ability to work well with in-house teams, makes him stand out on the market.” In the high-tech realm, Lasse Henze and Joacim Lydén are also recipients of high praise. “In complex oral proceedings, Lasse is able to secure positive outcomes by providing arguments in an articulate and convincing manner, but also with his politeness and ability to understand and relate to the Examiner and their concerns.” “The quality of work produced by Joacim is always outstanding and he proves to be an instrumental adviser in every circumstance. One way that Joacim stands out is that he understands that intellectual property is a significant cost, especially to smaller companies, and he always sees what a client really needs, tailors his advice and finds innovative solutions that fit their cost structure. His dual understanding of EU and US systems is another highlight, and makes him a valued partner for foreign filings.”

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“A brilliant outfit with excellent attorneys, AWA is without a doubt a reliable and safe pair of hands for any instruction.” With over 370 specialists operating out of 20 offices across Europe and Asia, the IP dynamo stands out on the market for its technical diversity, strength in depth and strong international presence. In the high-tech, electrical and mechanical industries Sören Giver and Mattias Pierrou shine. Giver’s versatility makes him a valuable asset to local and global companies; he also has a profound understanding of US patenting processes and is well placed to advise on international strategies. A discerning choice for software patents, Pierrou has recently been filing, maintaining and prosecuting over 75 European patent applications for leading Chinese technology company BOE Technology, in order to protect its inventions and position in Europe. AWA’s skill set in the life sciences is undeniable, especially with five practitioners listed this year: Mikael Henriksson, Niklas Mattsson, Louise Jonshammar, Inga-Lill Andersson and Ulrika Munter. Medial Biochemistry PhD Henriksson possesses extensive knowledge of medical inventions and the laws surrounding them and can also be counted on to put in polished performances at the European Patent Office (EPO). Highly sought after as a technical expert in contentious proceedings, Mattsson is a widely respected figure in the field. He recently linked up with IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Jonshammar to map out all of Affibody’s intellectual assets, resulting in a rock-solid IP strategy that would bolster its overall protection through as many channels as possible. Jonshammar’s speciality is turning inventions into profitable business assets and is the perfect point of contact for start-ups and research institutions looking to make their mark in their respective industries. Former analytical chemist within AstraZeneca’s research and development (R&D) division, Andersson is an astute counsellor who never loses sight of her clients’ business objectives. “Munter demonstrates an outstanding capability of assessing portfolios in relation to their commercial relevance and advises in a way that reduces running costs and enables SMEs to build efficient and well-grounded dossiers that have significant commercialvalue.”

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