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ARNOLD RUESS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB continues to be looked to as one of Germany’s foremost IP boutiques, making significant waves in high-profile patent litigation and setting precedents left, right and centre. High on its list in the past 12 months has been its continued work defending Nokia against Daimler, which has involved the first-ever anti-anti-suit injunction on German soil. Leading the technology aspects of the case is Arno Riße, while Cordula Schumacher is handling the FRAND aspects. Riße is one of his jurisdiction’s top authorities on high-technology patent law, and especially telecommunications issues, while the razor-sharp Schumacher receives effusive plaudits for her work litigating patents: “Cordula is a leading litigator in Germany with a profound strategic understanding. She is always enthusiastic and fully committed to the case. In fact, the whole ARNOLD RUESS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB team is top notch, very smart, engaged and fun to work with.” The group is no less impressive on the life sciences end, with recent highlights including its work for Sanofi in relation to insulin injector devices. Taking the lead on the case is founder and namesake Bernhard Arnold, who competitors dub “a German IP litigation star”. A skilled coordinator of cross-border cases, he always keeps clients’ commercial goals at the forefront.

Firm Profile

ARNOLD RUESS is a boutique law firm that specialises in the entire field of intellectual property and has extensive experience in patent litigation. For our clients, we combine the legal excellence developed through many years of experience as IP attorneys working at one of the world’s leading international firms with the personal touch, availability and commitment that a smaller firm can offer. In our view, producing the highest quality legal work and having fun are not mutually exclusive – they are interdependent.

We advise clients, ranging from international corporations and mid-sized companies to innovative start-ups, from all around the world in all IP matters. Our area of expertise covers complex and multi-jurisdictional IP litigation, development of comprehensive IP and advertising strategies, licensing negotiations, M&A support, trademark portfolio management and the like. We have a strong client base in the high-tech, pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer goods and chemical industry sectors.

Our team of dedicated specialists has worked on a multitude of cases, including several groundbreaking decisions that have been widely reported. Our patent litigation experience includes the following:

  • Representing a leading pharmaceutical corporation in patent litigation in Germany and coordinating proceedings with 15 other countries. Our global network enables us to provide a one-stop-shop solution with IP specialists individually hand-picked for our every client’s unique needs.
  • Shaping FRAND case law by, among other things, obtaining the first two FRAND judgments from the German Federal Court of Justice following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Huawei v ZTE (Sisvel/Haier). We contributed to shaping the courts’ awareness of hold-out tactics by only purportedly willing licensees.
  • Being the tip of the spear in the ‘connected car wars’ by representing a global telecommunications client in multiple trial and appeals court cases, including a CJEU referral against a global car manufacturer. We gained in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, its self-image and common negotiation tactics of car original equipment manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Levelling the international playing field by obtaining the first-ever German anti-anti suit injunction (AASI) against an attempted foreign anti-suit injunction. This AASI, which was copied in several other jurisdictions within a couple of months, helps prevent forum-shopping by implementers.
  • Establishing pioneering German case law on biosimilars. By representing clients in the first biosimilar patent cases in Germany, we helped ensure that complex biosimilar development is not mistakenly perceived as a ‘common’ generic drug by the German courts.
  • Representing the first alternative capsule coffee producer in successful proceedings against Nespresso (trial court and appeals court). We were able to convince the appeal court to change its previous case law, which paved the way for opening the capsule market to competition.
  • Being the exclusive IP counsel for Sony Interactive Entertainment, coordinating patent, trademark, design and copyright issues in Germany.

Notable clients include Sanofi, Nokia, Alcon, Novartis (Hexal), Grünenthal and Varta.

We are grateful for our clients’ trust and proud of our achievements to serve our clients throughout the past decade. ARNOLD RUESS features in all leading rankings and has won numerous awards for its work in the IP field.

What others say about us

  • “Strongly recommended for decisive litigious actions.”
  • “In particular for difficult patent proceedings where the team meets highest standards in timing and quality.”
  • “They are creative and go the extra mile.”
  • “High-quality, successful firm with a very good track record.”
  • “Team with strength and depth.”
  • “Extremely able people – there is some excellent young talent at this firm.”
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