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Aramis is a name with growing renown on the French patent scene, thanks to its increasing involvement in pan-European litigation, especially within the cosmetics and pharmaceutical fields. Recent highlights include an anti-suit injunction case on behalf of Allergan and a continent-spanning dispute on behalf of Zentiva against Eli Lilly. Patrons and peers are impressed: “The team not only brings unique expertise and support in IP and competition law, it also demonstrates a superior ability in driving negotiations, adapting quickly to any unexpected event and reconfiguration of the scope.” “When I recommend them to colleagues or clients that have IP issues in France, I tend to refer to them as the “connoisseur’s choice”.” Leading the group is Benjamin May, who also comes in for effusive praise: “Benjamin is not just legally savvy but also a strategic thinker and has an entrepreneurial mindset. He doesn’t beat around the bush, speaks his languages and is very transparent regarding fees and costs. He leads his team with a masterful hand, listening to everyone and taking the most legally just and effective decisions for his client.” At his side is counsel Louis Jestaz, who reportedly “listens to clients patiently and intelligently”. He knows the life sciences field like the back of his hand and acts across Europe.

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