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Highly-recommended - Firms: prosecution

Patrons and peers alike bring heaps of praise for the Polish arm of Dutch-headquartered AOMB: “We highly value our partnership, and the team’s professionalism, efficiency and reliability make us feel well taken care of.” “It is one of the leading firms for prosecution in Poland and distinguishes itself from others on the market by covering a broad range of technical fields and combining this technical knowledge with great procedural expertise.” Embodying this approach, Jakub Sielewiesiuk and Jan Dobrzański “are the go-to individuals for non-contentious work”. “Jakub is a great leader. He has comprehensive scientific knowledge and provides dependable and cost-efficient services.” Dobrzański “has a pro-business and pro-client mentality. His patent knowledge and expertise are highly appreciated, and he is devoted to his customers.” Damian Krężel is another trusted counsellor and has recently been managing the entire IP portfolio for Wielton SA, the third biggest producer of semi-trailers in Europe, and has taken over representation in over 50cases.

Silver - Firms: prosecution

The devoted and ambitious professionals at AOMB are known for their ability to devise out-of-the-box solutions to even the trickiest patent issues and are excellent at translating the complexities of the country’s legal landscape into practical counsel. René Raggers sets the tone with his warm demeanour and obvious enthusiasm for his patrons and their inventions. The biochemistry, genetics, and nutrition and health maven is recognised by peers for his meticulous eye for detail and goal-oriented nature. By his side is Rutger Valkonet, “a super experienced practitioner and a trustworthy and forthright adviser who excels at guiding start-ups and SMEs through the prosecution process, while striking a healthy balance between profit andrisk”.

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