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The Munich-based Ampersand offers legal services across the range of IP and tech law, boasting a team of six dedicated patent professionals. The litigation practice takes in the full sweep of technical areas at all three of Germany’s main patent venues. With an outstanding reputation among his peers, Hosea Haag is a leading light on the litigation circuit. His technical expertise and smooth handling of cross-border disputes are exemplary. SEPs are a particular area of expertise – he acts for WSOU Investments LLC in this area across 23 infringement proceedings involving 16 patents. Clients describe him as “efficient from the start and very thorough in his approach”. Jonathan Konietz is the younger partner, but he has already made a serious splash in Germany’s busy contentious landscape. Known for his dedication and creativity, Konietz has acted alongside Haag for INVTE SP in an SEP case against three opponents. 

Firm Profile

Firm history:

The IP Boutique AMPERSAND was founded by Alexandra Heÿn and Hosea Haag in Munich in 2012 and has experienced steady growth since then. The boutique firm has quickly made a name for itself and is known for its outstanding expertise in IP law. AMPERSAND enjoys a strong market position and places great emphasis on maintaining close contact with its clients.

AMPERSAND’s main goal is to advise every client individually such that the client always talks to the lawyer who actually is responsible for the case. Due to our broad expertise in all areas of intellectual property law and all specialized industries, Ampersand is able to provide clients with tailored advice, always with the client´s goals and economic success in mind and providing personal support.

AMPERSAND offers legal services across the range of IP and IT Law, forming a team of dedicated IP and IT Law professionals including five highly skilled patent professionals. Partners and patent experts Hosea Haag and Jonathan Konietz have handled a great number of patent infringement cases in all technology areas on the plaintiff side as well as the defendant side. In recent years, AMPERSAND has been representing clients in high profile patent litigation proceedings, primarily NPEs as plaintiffs in the telecommunications sector, including SEPs and FRAND, but also medium-sized companies from all other industries, including the automotive industry.

The firm’s sole office is and has always been in Munich.

Achievements / Worth Mentioning:

AMPERSAND and its individual attorneys have been repeatedly recommended as one of the top firms and recommended attorneys:

  • AMPERSAND appears in the Rankings of IAM Patent 1000, Juve Patent, Legal 500, IP Stars, etc. These are all trustworthy sources that offer information and evaluation about law firms and lawyers for IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Legal 500 (a leading global directory of law firms, lawyers, solicitors and barristers, provides research of law firms and lawyers in various jurisdictions and regions): AMPERSAND was chosen to provide an overview of Patent Litigation laws and regulations applicable in Germany in 2022.
  • The firm has earned the "Best Business Law Firms" seal in the areas of "Patent Law" and "Trademarks & Designs" from brand eins, a German economics journal that is specialized in the analysis of economics and topics related to the society.
  • As contributor of the online guide Chambers Global Practice Guides Patent Litigation in 2022, we were rewarded a media kit. This online guide provides an overview of the most important aspects of patent litigation in different countries and regions of the world.
  • AMPERSAND is currently featured in IAM Patent 1000, a ranking that is published every year by the journal “IAM” (Intellectual Asset Management) and puts together a list of the world’s leading patent practitioners

Languages spoken / International experience:

AMPERSAND is a multilingual law firm, consisting of German and English. All of the firm’s practitioners know both German – mother tongue – and English. More than half of AMPERSAND’s clients are from the English-speaking world. AMPERSAND often collaborates with US or UK firms.

Legal Areas:

  • Copyright Law
  • Data Protection and Compliance
  • Designs
  • Domains
  • E-Commerce and T&C
  • Employee Inventions
  • IT
  • Know How Protection
  • License Agreements
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Patents
  • Publishing Law
  • R&D Agreements
  • Social Media
  • Technology Transfer
  • Telecommunication
  • Trademarks
  • Unfair Competition
  • UPC
  • Utility Models
  • Work Title Protection
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