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An unstoppable force and the country’s largest IP practice by a wide margin, “pre-eminent” AJ Park has expanded even further by acquiring fellow IP firm Baldwins. The two teams will now work as one to offer unbeatable patent services to an impressive client base. Foreign associates know Anton Blijlevens as an “approachable, extremely capable and reliable patent attorney who can deliver professional services which meet clients’ needs and level of expectation”. Another patron comments on the “thorough and detailed” Michael Brown’s ability to “easily identify key novel and inventive aspects of our engineering technologies” due to his “high level of technical understanding”. Besides arguing with patent examiners in the United States, Europe and Asia and achieving successful outcomes, Brown has demonstrated that he is an excellent role model who can “foster entrepreneurial attitudes in young inventors”. In Wellington, Matt Adams helps to protect the rights of patent owners in the computer and information technology fields as a principal in the engineering and IT team. Mark Hargreaves heads AJ Park’s commercial team while Hadleigh Brown has made a great impression with his “strong electrical and engineering understanding and background knowledge, which can be difficult to find in legal circles”. European, Trans-Tasman and UK-qualified patent attorneys Chris Way and Andy Locke join AJ Park along with fellow former Baldwins colleagues Wes Jones and Paul Johns, experts on portfolio management and contentious matters, respectively.

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