25 Mar

Sector deep dive: Electrical

The key players in electrical include local entities State Grid Corporation, Midea, Gree and Haier, as well as overseas names Robert Bosch, Siemens and LG. Government policies have forced firms to evaluate and implement technologies that can drive down energy consumption and generally lessen the environmental impact of various devices. Current focus areas for research include thermal and cooling solutions with automated monitoring and safety alerts. Other areas include power management and device circuitry.

Table 1. Electrical players from top 100

Company nameChinese grants (patents only)IndustryCountry of origin
State Grid Corporation34758ElectricalChina
Gree Electric Appliances10113ElectricalChina
Mitsubishi Corporation8618ElectricalJapan
Mitsubishi Electric7672ElectricalJapan

Table 2. Electrical technology trends

Top trendsTop playersActive grantsTop players 2019-2020Active grants 2019-2020Key areasOther key players
Thermal managementMidea3,049Midea1,533HVAC, air conditioning, temperature controls, ventilator controls and safety, air-cooling, air-humidification, control and safety systems, heating apparatus, refrigerationLG Corp, Toshiba, Panasonic
Gree Electric Appliances2,522Haier1,403
Haier1,836Gree Electric Appliances1,326
Mitsubishi Electric870Mitsubishi Electric279
Mitsubishi Corp747Daikin116
Controls and safety arrangementsState Grid China1,564State Grid Corporation1,110Electricity monitoring/testing, measuring devices for magnetic/electric variables, failure diagnosis systems, ventilator control and safety arrangements, control mechanisms for devices, electric control and safety arrangementsRobert Bosch, Siemens, LG Corp
Gree Electric Appliances495Gree Electric Appliances384
Mitsubishi Electric300Guangdong Power Grid217
Guangdong Power Grid274China Southern Power Grid166
Power devices and circuitryState Grid Corporation2,990State Grid Corporation1,776Power management system components and installations, program controllers, display circuitry, pumping installations for ventilation power managementSiemens
Gree Electric Appliances621Gree Electric Appliances351
Emerson Electric507Midea276
Midea473China Southern Power Grid244
Mitsubishi Electric392Guangdong Power Grid184