25 Mar

Sector deep dive: Automotive

The biggest technologies trending around the globe are also trending in automotive, including in advanced driver assistance systems, battery technology and electric vehicles. The technology is dominated by the world’s largest OEMs and tier-one suppliers such as Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Denso, Hyundai and Volkswagen. Notable local players in the sector include Huawei (connected vehicles), ZTE, Baidu, Tencent and State Grid Corporation.

Table 1. Automotive players from top 100

Company nameChinese grants (patents only)Country of origin
Toyota Motor11,587Japan
Robert Bosch10,713Germany
General Motors8,197United States
China CRRC Group7,131China
Honda Motor5,888Japan
Schaeffler Group5,125Germany
Hyundai Motor Company5,051South Korea
Ford Motor4,408United States

Table 2. Automotive technology trends

Top trendsTop playersActive grantsTop players 2019-2020Active grants 2019-2020Key areasOther key players
Advanced driver assistanceToyota Motor Corp610Toyota Motor Corp191Parking assistance, automatic breaking, traffic control, lane departure, speech assistanceBaidu, Samsung, Alphabet, Tencent
Robert Bosch362Ford Motor117
General Motors296Robert Bosch108
Autonomous vehiclesGeneral Motors138General Motors63V2X controls, driverless controls, IoT enabled vehicles, human-machine interface vehicles, 5G enabled vehicles, AI enabled vehicles, shared mobility, connected vehiclesHuawei, State Grid China, Samsung, ZTE
Toyota Motor Corp95Toyota Motor Corp50
Ford Motor77Ford Motor49
Electric vehicleToyota Motor Corp1,520Toyota Motor Corp277Parallel hybrid vehicle, HEV transmission, HEV propulsion, engine control in HEV, electrical vehicle charging (wired, wireless)Hitachi
General Motors727Ford Motor248
Ford Motor679Hyundai177
Battery technologiesToyota Motor Corp1,729Toyota Motor Corp367Electrical energy storage for propulsion, battery monitoring/control, wired/wireless charging, battery technology for HEV, li-ion batteries, battery electrodesLG Corp, Samsung, Panasonic
Renault606Ford Motor208
Robert Bosch541Robert Bosch139
General Motors531Renault137
Ford Motor439Honda Motors125