Yan Huang

Partner at Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd

Yan Huang has expertise in the full gamut of patents services – from patent drafting, prosecution, re-examination, invalidity proceedings, litigation, due diligence and freedom-to-operate investigation, to patent layout and patent analysis. She has handled a large number of cases for domestic and foreign clients, and is very experienced in patent legal services in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechanical automation such as home appliances, engineering mechanics, automation manufacture, semiconductors, printing facilities, paper apparatuses, medical devices, computer equipment and so forth.

Ms Huang joined Lung Tin in February 2002, and has participated in many important and complex cases.

Ms Huang has been licensed to practise as a Chinese patent attorney since 2007 and was appointed as a patent litigation attorney by the Supreme People’s Court in 2013.

Ms Huang was appointed as a Zhongguancun intellectual property service expert on foreign affairs in April 2018 and as an expert of Beijing Intellectual Property Expert Database in January 2020.


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