Wendela Hårdemark

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Wendela Hårdemark has 15 years’ experience in dispute resolution within the field of IP law and market law. She has a particular interest in technology-intensive disputes and has extensive experience in complex, often multi-jurisdictional patent litigations within the life sciences and pharmaceuticals fields, as well as in general commercial disputes. Ms Hårdemark has represented clients in district courts and before arbitral tribunals, and is also experienced in mediation.

In addition to dispute resolution and enforcement of IP rights, Ms Hårdemark provides advice on strategies for the protection and management of IP rights, as well as on issues related to the assignment, transfer or acquisitions of IP rights such as patents, trademarks or copyright. She also provides advice regarding marketing law questions and regulatory matters in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As a counsel, Ms Hårdemark is knowledgeable, attentive to details without losing sight of the overall goal and dedicated in her work.

Before joining MAQS, Ms Hårdemark was a member of the IP group at Vinge and has worked at Sandart & Partners. Before that, she worked as a law clerk and reporting judge with the District Court of Stockholm and Svea Court of Appeal, respectively. In both of the court positions, Ms Hårdemark worked in the department responsible for IP rights disputes. She has also worked with the collective rights management organisation STIM.

Ms Hårdemark is a highly sought-after speaker and is currently the co-leader of the network JUC Uppfinningar & Patenträtt (Eng. Inventions & Patent Law). She participates actively in the work of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and has on multiple occasions been appointed reporter for the Swedish submissions.

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