Tom Carver

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Tom Carver has broad experience in patent litigation (infringement and validity) in pharmaceuticals, medical and mechanical devices and electronics, including advice concerning threats provisions. Specifics include anti-sense DNA technology, combinatorial weighing machines, pulse oximetry systems and mosquito traps. He has been involved in many matters with an international aspect and has experience in coordinating and managing litigation in multiple jurisdictions.

Mr Carver has particular expertise in biotech patent litigation. He has a degree in genetics and worked on the first patent case in the United Kingdom relating to genetically modified organisms (Monsanto v Cargill), and the first patent case in the United Kingdom on DNA sequences (Eli Lilly v Human Genome Sciences).

Mr Carver has been involved in some of the most significant patent cases in the United Kingdom in recent years. Conor v Angiotech and Eli Lilly v Human Genomes Sciences both went to the House of Lords or Supreme Court (the highest appeal court at the time), while Dr Reddy v Eli Lilly reached only the Court of Appeal but is the definitive case in the law of selection patents.

Mr Carver has managed IP enforcement for Western clients in China, including Dyson. He is named as an expert by the China IP Rights Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Helpdesk and his experience includes patent (design, utility and invention), trade secret, trademark and copyright litigation against companies in provinces across China in sectors including capital and consumer goods, cosmetics and medical devices. He also has experience of non-judicial IP rights enforcement in China at trade fairs, online and by customs seizures.

Mr Carver joined J A Kemp in 2015 after working elsewhere in private practice.

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