Susanne T Jones

Managing Partner at Jones Robb PLLC

Susanne T Jones, founding and managing member of Jones Robb, has been providing strategic global patent portfolio development and counselling services to clients for over 20 years. After beginning her career in the patent field as a patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Ms Jones moved on to private practice where she continues to follow her passion for working with inventors and in-house counsel to achieve robust worldwide protection for their innovations with an eye toward enforcement and monetisation in highly competitive industries.

Ms Jones enjoys analysing competitors’ patent portfolios and products in order to counsel her clients on the enhancement and enforcement of their patent portfolio, contemplated products, potential design-arounds and acquisition of technology. Her years as a patent examiner and her private-sector focus on practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office have provided her with valuable insight into mechanisms for streamlining patent preparation and prosecution to achieve successful outcomes for her clients in a cost-effective manner. In addition, her years as a patent practitioner have spanned a variety of patent law reforms, providing her with a keen understanding of more intricate and often overlooked details of patent practice, such as priority, inventorship, transitional practice and other nuanced issues. In this regard, Ms Jones has often been called on by her clients to handle important petition and patent correction matters that otherwise may have prevented enforcement.

Aside from strategic global patent portfolio development and management for both utility and design patents, Ms Jones is experienced in post-grant practice, including re-issue, re-examination and interference proceedings, and in patentability, validity, infringement and due diligence opinions. She also has been involved in both district court patent litigation and Federal Circuit appeals. Ms Jones’s technical expertise covers biomedical, electro-mechanical and mechanical engineering, and she has served clients in highly competitive technical areas, including alternative energy, biomedical devices, cosmetic devices, displays, food sciences, life sciences, optics, packaging, robotics and business methods.

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