Robert Maness

Vice President at Charles River Associates

Robert Maness received a PhD in economics from Texas A&M University, with a focus on industrial organisation (factors, including innovation, that affect the competitiveness of industries) and econometrics (the application of statistical methods to assessing economic theories). Dr Maness is an associate professor of the practice at Texas A&M, where he teaches industrial organisation, health economics, antitrust, financial economics and managerial economics, among other subject.

Dr Maness has testified at trial in patent matters in relation to lost profits and reasonable royalties involving medical devices, pharmaceuticals, information technology, energy, transportation and a host of other industries. He has also testified at trial and in deposition in patent matters with regard to the assessment of commercial success and whether the patented features were responsible for the commercial success of the products surrounding claims of obviousness for several pharmaceutical products. Dr Maness has consulted with several generic pharmaceutical manufacturers on lost profits and reasonable royalty damages from potential ‘at risk’ launches. He has extensive research background in the pharmaceutical industry, including published research on competition between generic and branded pharmaceutical firms, and on the role innovation competition plays in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Maness also has extensive experience in applying econometric techniques to litigation problems, including using econometric techniques to assess damages, lost sales, costs and profits in antitrust and IP matters. He has also used econometric techniques to isolate the value of the patented features relative to other factors driving sales and profits for specific products.

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  • American Bar Association
  • American Economic Association

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