Robert M Asher

Partner at Sunstein LLP

Robert M Asher is chair of the Patent Office litigation group at Sunstein LLP. As a partner in this IP-focused law firm, his particular emphasis is on inter partes reviews (IPRs) where he is able to leverage his deep experience in patent litigation and patent prosecution. Mr Asher has been lead counsel on well over a dozen IPRs.

Mr Asher has appeared before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals on several occasions, most notably obtaining a reversal of an adverse IPR ruling on behalf of software patent client Arendi in its battle with Apple. Mr Asher has litigated patents involving technologies that include infrared thermometers, automotive trim carpets, interactive cable television, power converters, solar cells, microwave antennas, consumer electronic appliances, satellite tuners, robot arms, call routing, flame detectors and anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

Mr Asher has extensive experience before the USPTO defending and preparing patent portfolios for litigation. His patent application work has encompassed a wide variety of businesses and technologies, including integrated circuits, data storage, interactive television, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, digitising tablets, bottling and weighing equipment, radar, microwave antennas, caching, scanning, printing, telecommunications and bar codes. Patents that Mr Asher has prosecuted have been used by clients to support multi-million-dollar acquisitions and secure millions of dollars through litigation against infringing companies. For example, he prosecuted the ActiveVideo patents successfully asserted in court against Verizon, producing a settlement of over $260 million.

Mr Asher is co-chair of the Patent Litigation Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Litigation Section.

He holds degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in law from Harvard Law School.

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