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Robert Katz has benefitted firm clients in the areas of utility patents and industrial designs. He has drafted and prosecuted to issuance numerous and significant utility patents in the United States and in foreign countries. These clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as many individual inventors and small companies who rely on strong patent protection in their marketplaces. The patents have been directed primarily to mechanical and electromechanical devices and to software and computer-related inventions. Many patents drafted and prosecuted by Mr Katz have been successfully enforced with some having served as the cornerstone for the successful sale of companies.

Mr Katz has also provided advice and prepared opinions regarding the patentability of inventions, patent infringement, patent validity and trade secret protection to help clients properly assess the advantages and disadvantages of certain IP and business decisions.

In patent and trademark litigation matters, he has assisted clients in enforcing and defending IP-related claims at the District Court and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and in the International Trade Commission.

Both nationally and internationally, Mr Katz is considered to be one of the premier practitioners in the field of industrial designs, leading the way in the procurement and enforcement of design patents. On behalf of the firm’s clients, he has helped procure more than 7,000 design patents in the United States and more than 20,000 design patents and registrations outside the United States and has helped to successfully enforce over 100 design patents. Leaders from foreign design patent offices have consulted him regarding industrial design policies and he has served as an expert in design patent litigations. He also prepared and filed an amicus brief in the US Supreme Court on behalf of the Industrial Designers Society of America.

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