Rob McInnes

Principal at Rob McInnes IP Advisory

Rob McInnes advises established businesses, start-ups, research organisations and investors engaged in the commercialisation of novel technologies and in the IP-related aspects of major transactions. He is a specialist in the structuring and negotiation of contracts for the development and commercialisation of innovations. Mr McInnes primarily assists clients with:

  • planning, negotiating and drafting licensing agreements and R&D collaboration agreements;
  • conducting and preparing clients for IP due diligence investigations;
  • IP portfolio management and building;
  • structures designed to attract innovation-related tax incentives; and
  • training executives in the in-house management of IP issues and transactions.

In addition to his career as a lawyer in private practice, Mr McInnes has a first-class honours degree in chemistry and has held the in-house role of manager of intellectual property and technology transfer with a large international group.

Mr McInnes holds the position of board secretary of Licensing Executives Society (LES) International, the global professional association for business managers and advisers engaged in the licensing and commercialisation of technology. Previously he has served as president of LES Australia and New Zealand and has chaired LES’s international committees on life sciences licensing and industry/university technology transfer. Mr McInnes is also active in industry organisations such as AusBiotech. He is often able to leverage his wide global network to facilitate business development by clients.

Mr McInnes is one of the few Australian lawyers to have met the requirements for the US-based Certified Licensing Professional qualification.

Mr McInnes’s clients span the full value chain of discovery, development and commercialisation, ranging from research organisations and start-ups to listed local companies and overseas-based multinational groups. He particularly enjoys offering practical guidance to the management of earlier stage companies and assisting investment decisions through effective IP due diligence.

In recent years the majority of Mr McInnes’s deals have involved cross-border licensing, helping Australian clients to establish development and commercialisation relationships in North America, Europe and Asia.

Professional associations

  • AusBiotech
  • LES
  • Sydney Angels

Firm details

Rob McInnes IP Advisory
PO box 817
Newtown NSW 2042

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