Rob Hartman

Partner at Lee & Hayes, PC

Rob Hartman is a partner in Lee & Hayes’s Spokane office, where he focuses on developing and managing IP portfolios according to each client’s unique strategies and market positions.

In addition to developing and managing portfolios, Mr Hartman assists clients in crafting strategies for achieving their business objectives with use of their IP assets.

Mr Hartman has extensive experience interfacing and strategising across different groups within a client, such as legal counsel, engineers, accounting departments, marketing departments and the like. With this experience, Mr Hartman is able to understand each group’s needs and utilise the client’s IP assets to meet these needs.

Mr Hartman is proficient in a wide array of technologies, including computer software, hardware, and architecture, consumer electronics, e-commerce technologies, networking software and hardware, cryptography, semiconductor fabrication, telecommunications, electro-mechanical devices, optics, financial products, business methods and internet-related technologies. He uses his experience with these technologies to meet his client’s IP needs.

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Lee & Hayes, PC
601 West Riverside Avenue
Suite 1400
Spokane WA 99201
United States

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