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Richard Chinn’s fluency in organic chemistry, and especially in heterocycle synthesis, stands head and shoulders above most chemical patent attorneys. He brings a wide range of experience in client counselling, patent prosecution, application preparation, patentability and infringement evaluation and litigation in chemical technologies to the practice of patent law. Dr Chinn works with start-ups, emerging and multinational foreign and domestic companies in industries ranging from polymer and chemical processing to biotech, semiconductor, petroleum products, alternative energy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. He also counsels universities on their patent needs.

After understanding clients’ needs and goals, Dr Chinn provides a value-driven approach, offering confidence in achieving the desired outcome. He guides clients through the complexities of the US patent system, advising, offering opinions and prosecuting all aspects of patent protection. He addresses issues ranging from inventorship disputes and inequitable conduct to on-sale bar restrictions. Dr Chinn’s breadth of experience allows him to see the bigger picture of clients’ issues, addressing not only the problems presented but also the broader implications and related concerns.

With an advanced degree in synthetic organic chemistry and first-hand experience from his post- doctoral fellowship researching and investigating methodologies for heterocycle synthesis, Dr Chinn brings a deep understanding of the science underlying clients’ inventions. In addition to total synthesis and heterocycle methodologies, Dr Chinn’s scientific expertise includes pharmaceutical agents, carbohydrates, enzymology, agricultural chemicals, biotechnology, polymer chemistry, dye stuffs and semiconductor processing.

Dr Chinn has published numerous scientific articles in the areas of organic synthesis, mechanistic organic chemistry and heterocyclic methods.

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