Michael Friis Sørensen

Senior Patent Attorney at Plougmann Vingtoft

Michael Friis Sørensen is a senior patent attorney at Plougmann Vingtoft and holds an MSc in electrical engineering. Before entering the field of IP rights, Mr Friis Sørensen worked as a research engineer focusing on acoustics, noise and vibration.

His background has provided him with expert knowledge and technical skills, which he keeps up to date by participating in various seminars, including those run by the Danish Acoustical Society and the Audio Engineering Society. Mr Friis Sørensen is also active as an external examiner of engineering student exams at Aalborg University, Aarhus University School of Engineering and the University of Southern Denmark.

Mr Friis Sørensen has extensive technical expertise in the areas of acoustics, audio processing, loudspeakers, vibration analysis, communication systems, medical devices, mechanical devices and computer-implemented inventions. He is highly experienced in evaluating patentability and drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

Mr Friis Sørensen has represented various clients in cases involving IP-related conflicts, including litigation, and has successfully attended oral proceedings before the Examining and Opposition Divisions of the EPO. Mr Friis Sørensen has represented a broad range of national and international clients, including leading companies in the areas of audio and electronics.

Professional associations

  • Danish Acoustical Society
  • EPI

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Plougmann Vingtoft
Åboulevarden 23
Aarhus C 8000

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