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Marco Box has been a patent attorney at VO Patents & Trademarks since 2003. He began his career as an instrument designer at Optel in 1997, before becoming an engineer at Frencken Mechatronics in 2000. With a background in physics and instrument design and engineering, Mr Box has a broad understanding of all aspects of mechanics, electronics and information technology.

Mr Box is experienced in the fields of optics, software, general mechanics and fine-mechanical constructions.

Mr Box’s specialisms include agriculture, appliances, building industry, civil engineering, construction physics, constructions, consumer products, drive systems, electrical engineering, energy and sustainability, engineering, fluorescence imaging, food and beverage processing systems, geophysics, imaging, industrial design, informatics, information technology, ion and electron physics, machines and tools, mathematics, mechanical engineering, mechanics, mechatronics, medical devices, medical diagnostics, medical imaging, medical software, offshore, open source software and hardware, optics, orthoses, packaging, physics, precision farming, sensors, spectroscopy, telecoms, ultrasound, vacuum systems and vehicles. He conducts IP due diligence, as well as litigation proceedings.

Mr Box graduated in technological design from the Stan Ackermans Institute in 1997, having received his MSc in applied physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1994.

Previous testimonials for Mr Box include the following:

  • “Head of the Leuven office, Marco Box draws on his engineering background to quickly get to grips with his clients’ technologies and always puts himself in their position, thinking strategically and globally about IP value creation” (IAM Patent 1000, 2019).
  • “Leuven team captain Marco Box’s encyclopaedic knowledge of mechanics and IT ‘earned him a well-deserved promotion to partner last year and prestige as a go-to guy in these fields’. Box is currently educating inventors on the potential for patenting software to rapidly increase the number of filings in this sector” (IAM Patent 1000, 2018).

Professional associations

  • Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys

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VO Patents & Trademarks
Winthontlaan 6/G (4th floor)
Utrecht 3526 KV

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