Keith R Ugone

Senior Advisor at Analysis Group

Keith R Ugone is an economist who specialises in the application of economic principles to complex business disputes, including IP, antitrust, false advertising, class certification-related, breach of contract and securities-related cases. Dr Ugone has testified at trial and in deposition more than 500 times.

With respect to IP disputes, Dr Ugone has significant experience serving both as an expert and as a consultant in matters involving allegations of patent infringement, trademark infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. In these and other cases, Dr Ugone has frequently evaluated lost profits, reasonable royalties, disgorgement and valuation-related issues.

Dr Ugone has testified in IP disputes involving numerous publicly traded and privately held companies across a variety of industries, including software, medical devices, consumer products, electronics, biotechnology, and oil and gas (among others). He has also testified on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) issues in disputes involving standard-essential technologies such as those used in wireless communication standards.

Dr Ugone has constructed or analysed damages models that have included components such as lost sales analyses; incremental cost analyses; assessments of profitability; assessments of the capacity to produce additional units; the competitive business environment in which a damages claim is made; claimed lost business value; and claimed reasonable royalties.

Dr Ugone has published articles in publications such as Building and Enforcing Intellectual Property Value and the Litigation Services Handbook.

Dr Ugone holds a PhD in economics (Arizona State University), an MA in economics (University of Southern California) and a BA in economics (University of Notre Dame).

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