Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus

Partner at Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling

Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus is a patent attorney and equity partner at Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling in Dusseldorf, an IP service boutique specialising in IP litigation.

Dr Braun-Dullaeus has more than 20 years’ experience as a patent attorney, during which he has successfully litigated a large number of patent disputes, in particular for large corporations in the telecoms field. The attacks on the legal status of patents asserted in IP litigation are extensive and successful. He benefits from his broad experience in drafting patent applications and conducting grant proceedings.

He represents clients before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Patent Court, the EPO, the EUIPO and the WIPO.

Dr Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus joined the law firm Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling in Dusseldorf as an equity partner in 2019. In 2002, he went into business for himself with colleagues and founded the law firm Braun-Dullaeus Pannen in 2010. He has been a patent attorney since 1998. Until 1994, he worked as a physicist in applied nuclear physics, semiconductor and solid-state physics, physical oceanography and medical physics. He studied physics at the University of Heidelberg and obtained his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics.

Professional associations

  • epi
  • German Chamber of Patent Attorneys

Sample client list

  • Deutsche Telekom, Continental, Philip Morris

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Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling
Platz der Ideen 2
Dusseldorf 40476

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