June Wang

Senior Partner at NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys

June Wang has a BSc in applied physics and an MSc in optical communication technology. She began practising law in 1997 and was invited to the headquarters of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards to receive European patent law and drafting training in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2005 – the first outside counsel from China to do so. She was also the first outside counsel from China to be invited to the headquarters of Intel Corporation in 2008 to learn about the US patent system and US practice, working with IP counsel in Santa Clara. As lead counsel, Ms Wang has in-depth experience in patent prosecution and litigation cooperation with Qualcomm in China. She has also acted as lead patent attorney for Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Microsoft, Philips and Maxim Integrated Products, as well as in invalidation cases, patent infringement and administrative litigation cases in China.

Ms Wang has a wealth of experience in the IP field, with a particular emphasis on computer engineering, telecommunications, semiconductors, photoelectronics and medical instruments. She advises clients on IP policies and strategies, patent searches and analysis, patent validity research and analysis, risk assessment and IP due diligence. She is also the designer and co-developer of NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys’ patent application docketing system.

Ms Wang has been recognised by the All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA) as an outstanding patent attorney in the IP field and as an excellent trainer, having trained thousands of patent attorneys in China on patent drafting and prosecution skills. Ms Wang was also recommended by ACPAA to give a presentation on how to interpret functional limitation recited in the claim of an application relating to a computer-implemented invention before the Supreme Court in 2015. She has been selected by the China National IP Administration to co-author a book on drafting patent applications in electrical fields and was invited by the Ministry of Industry and Information IP Centre to give a lecture on the protection of software-implemented inventions in China in 2015.

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