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Joseph P Taormino is a partner and co-chair of HOFFMANN EITLE’s biotechnology group. He has broad experience in opposi­tion and appeal proceed­ings before the European Patent Office, legal opinions and litiga­tion in the fields of biotech­nology, food chemistry and pharma­ceu­ti­cals. He has partic­ular experi­ence with patents relating to genes, proteins (including antibodies) trans­formed eukary­otic and prokary­otic cells, trans­genic animals and plants and in vitro screening and diagnostic methods. He has been involved in appeal proceed­ings on erythro­poi­etin (T412/93), antisense RNA (T994/95) and reach-through claims (T609/02). Dr Taormino has also advised on cross-border litiga­tion in the European Union, the United States and Japan in several due diligence evalu­a­tions on the IP assets of estab­lished biotechnology firms and start-ups.

In addition to his case work, he is a frequent presenter within Germany and abroad on subjects relating to biotechnology products.

Dr Taormino completed his BSc in chemistry at Cornell Univer­sity in 1985 and received his PhD degree in 1992 from Johns Hopkins Univer­sity in the area of biochem­istry, cell and molec­ular biology and genetics. His disser­ta­tion deals with the transcrip­tional and post-transcrip­tional regula­tion of gene expres­sion in animal cells. Dr Taormino received an Alexander v Humboldt Postdoc­toral Fellow­ship from the Univer­sity of Cologne in the field of trans­genic animal models in 1994. He joined HOFFMANN EITLE’s Munich office in 1994 and qualified as a European patent attorney in 1998.

Dr Taormino is fluent in German and English.

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