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Joseph J Berghammer assists clients in achieving their business goals through creative IP solutions. In his prosecution practice, Mr Berghammer assists clients in obtaining, maintaining and registering patents, trademarks and copyrights. He has assisted numerous Fortune 100 companies in developing and augmenting their patent programmes through the successful use of incentive programmes and invention harvesting sessions. He often utilises creative prosecution strategies to achieve clients’ business goals. These strategies include the use of early pre-grant publication procedures to obtain patent rights within as little as 30 days, maintaining continuing prosecution for important inventions and devising strategies to limit clients’ costs in creating and managing their patent and trademark portfolios. Mr Berghammer has extensive experience in the chemical, mechanical, electrical and business method arts.

In his counselling practice, Mr Berghammer assists clients in the successful launch of new products, the analysis and navigation of competitive IP threats and the development of strong IP programmes. Mr Berghammer also assists clients in the assessment and acquisition of intellectual property (including the due diligence related thereto) and in the valuation of internal and external intellectual property.

In his litigation practice, Mr Berghammer has been successful before juries and judges. He has seized the goods of infringers, obtained preliminary injunctions and succeeded in full trial of damages and permanent injunction. Mr Berghammer is also adept at utilising litigation to achieve clients’ business goals prior to the incursion of costs associated with full litigation. He believes in strong and simple presentations of facts and law and the utilisation of technology to simplify issues. Mr Berghammer also assists clients in ‘right-sizing’ their litigation to achieve their business goals.

Mr Berghammer is an adjunct professor in IP litigation at the Northwestern Law School and previously served as an adjunct professor in IP litigation at the Georgetown Law Centre.

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