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Jacky Yingqiang Tan is a vice president of Jiaquan IP Law and also head of the firm’s Guangzhou office. Mr Tan was an expert in the electronic and software industry before he started his career in IP law. His experience includes working at a large electronics group as an integrated circuit designer and for an international mobile phone manufacturer in the research and development of operating systems for computer software. This background enables him to easily understand his clients’ inventions.

Mr Tan’s main areas of specialisation are electronics, computer software and hardware, and telecommunication engineering. He has handled over 300 patent applications and over 200 IP litigations and invalidations. Some of his patent litigation cases have been listed as provincial classic IP cases.

He has been nominated as an IP Infringement Judgment Expert by the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, and has served as an expert witness in numerous cases. He has substantial experience in judicial identification of IP protection, particularly in the context of trade fairs where expeditious action is vital.

Mr Tan has written and lectured on various patent protection topics, such as tips for defendants in patent infringement cases in China and the advantages of invention patents and copyright registrations in protecting computer software. His working languages are Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Representative cases

  • Mr Tan represented Guangzhou Fekon Motorcycle Co Ltd in response to Company H’s claim of design patent infringement. He and his team initiated a thorough search and analysis of over 20,000 prior arts and eventually submitted 17 critical prior designs. He successfully invalidated the entire patent involved, which ultimately forced the patentee to withdraw the lawsuit.
  • Mr Tan represented Guangzhou Riton Biomaterial Co Ltd in several patent infringement litigations against Company M concerning an orthodontic product, which led to an amicable settlement between the two parties.

Professional associations

  • Guangdong Intellectual Property Judicial Appraiser
  • Guangdong Patent Attorneys Association

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