Ilya Kazi

Partner at Mathys & Squire LLP

Ilya Kazi has over two decades’ IP experience and a substantial patent prosecution track record, with more than 4,000 European patent applications to his name.

Although he leads highly respected teams and manages substantial portfolios numbering tens, hundreds or even thousands of patents for multinational corporations, Mr Kazi maintains his involvement in complex day-to-day matters and enjoys giving direct business-focused strategic advice to start-ups, growing companies and investors.

Much of Mr Kazi’s personal practice is focused on opposition, appeal and litigation strategies and hearings. He is also a qualified UK higher courts litigator and has notably recovered substantial costs for a defendant that was sued by a non-practising entity. He has been involved with due diligence – assisting both acquirers and companies wishing to be acquired – and advised both formally and behind the scenes on optimising value and navigating IP issues.

Mr Kazi has an impressive track record of success in contested IP matters. He has an unblemished record of success in UK High Court and Intellectual Property Enterprise Court cases and has obtained favourable outcomes for his clients – both patentees and opponents – in approximately 85% of the EPO oppositions and appeals that he has handled.

Mr Kazi is equally happy working with experienced in-house professionals and business decision makers with no specialist IP knowledge. He has been commended for his frank and clear boiling-down of the sensible commercial options and for being unafraid to predict the realistic expectations in potentially complex legal situations.

Stemming from a broad-ranging master’s degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University, Mr Kazi’s technical specialisms include information technology, hardware and software, networking and communications technologies, video and audio processing and transmission and electronics. He has significant expertise in a broad range of medical device technologies and can handle subject matter of a more mechanical nature, including robotic equipment and controls, heat pumps and turbines, motive power and energy recovery, and all aspects of energy-efficient technology.

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