Hans Wegner

Partner at Bardehle Pagenberg Partnerschaft mbB

Hans Wegner’s areas of practice as a patent attorney relate to patents, utility models and designs, particularly in the fields of telecoms and consumer electronics (eg, mobile phone technology and multimedia) and hardware and software (eg, server architectures and databases), as well as mechanics (eg, sports equipment and medical technology), new materials (eg, high-temperature superconductors) and measuring technology (eg, for photolithography and the machine tool industry).

Besides regularly representing clients in patent application proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the EPO, Dr Wegner also defends and attacks patents in opposition proceedings and has successfully represented clients in many adversary proceedings, particularly before the EPO’s opposition divisions and boards of appeal.

Dr Wegner also enforces IP rights before the patent chambers of the German courts and undertakes parallel nullity proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court and the German Federal Court of Justice. Armed with this experience, Dr Wegner is able to provide expert advice to clients seeking to establish a portfolio of valuable patent assets and successfully enforce them against competitors where litigation arises.

In recent years, Dr Wegner’s consultancy work with clients in the course of FRAND licence negotiations relating to SEPs has gained increasing importance (eg, consulting for one of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers). The use and validity of licensed IP rights form the subject of in-depth analyses by Dr Wegner and his team of experts. These analyses are an essential prerequisite for both the licensor and the licensee when establishing a FRAND licence agreement.

Dr Wegner’s extensive experience in enforcement proceedings before the patent chambers of the courts also allows him to realistically assess litigation risks should licence negotiations break down. In addition, he has frequently served as an expert in patent law for members of the German Parliament.

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