Hans Christian Nielsen

Senior Partner at Zacco

Hans Christian Nielsen is chief operations officer (COO) of the Zacco group and regional director of Zacco Denmark and Sweden South.

He started his career in the IP industry in the early 1990s and joined Zacco as a patent attorney in 2007. He advanced to team manager in 2011, patent director in 2016, and regional director Zacco Denmark and Sweden South and COO of the Zacco group in 2019.

Mr Nielsen is a senior patent attorney with vast experience in all fields within the IP industry. He excels in handling complex challenges and is known as a master of ‘the art of the impossible’ among his clients – meaning that he is likely to give unique advice in response to his clients’ opportunities and challenges.

Today, Mr Nielsen’s practice is primarily focused on management, M&A activities and key account management of domestic and large international clients. He takes a 360 view on intellectual asset management, from drafting and prosecuting patent applications to developing and implementing IP rights strategy, mitigating risk, managing oppositions, litigation, infringement evaluations and due diligences, to handling software developments and matters relating to digital trust and cyber security.

Prior to his employment with Zacco, Mr Nielsen held several positions at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. He also has extensive experience operating a naval architecture consultancy.

Mr Nielsen works in technical fields including all aspects of mechanics and software, and has skills in the IT, maritime and automotive areas in particular.

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