George Schlich

Director at Schlich Ltd

George Schlich has a degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, specialising in the biology of cells, chemistry, pathology, physiology, mathematics, pharmacology, and the history and philosophy of science.

Founded in 2004, today Schlich Ltd has 10 attorneys working on intellectual property relating to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and mechanical engineering. The firm represents Intellia Therapeutics, Inc in IP proceedings relating to CRISPR/Cas9 technology and AbbVie, Inc. in relation to oncology.

Mr Schlich started his career working on a mix of small molecule chemistry from US pharmaceutical companies and, closer to home, stem cell inventions from the United Kingdom, along with missile guidance systems from the defence industry. He has considerable experience in the protection of inventions – including patent, design and trademark rights – in areas from antibodies to bacteriophages; stem cells to breakfast cereals; small molecules to polymers; recombinant proteins to vaccines; cylinder locks to automobile accessories; and inhalation pharmaceuticals to cathode arc deposition of thin films.

In recent years, Mr Schlich has been consulted for strategic advice for Europe and the United States by clients ranging from start-up immuno-oncology clients, small-to-medium pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and major corporations. Such advice supports the commercial importance of our clients’ IP interests, including supporting flotations on London’s Alternative Investment Market and NASDAQ.

Mr Schlich and his team also specialise in representing patent owners and opponents at inter partes hearings before the EPO and the UK Intellectual Property Office. They also have extensive experience in EPO opposition and appeals.

Further afield, Mr Schlich has worked on US discovery and interference proceedings, and Section 1782 proceedings to support EPO opposition and appeal proceedings.

While he specialises in patents in the chemical and biochemical fields, Mr Schlich also advises on trademarks and designs. He has successfully litigated design rights cases in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

Mr Schlich’s published work includes “Broad Institute’s CRISPR/Cas9 Patent EP2771468 Revoked” and “Patent protection: why the first filing needs to be right and how to achieve this”.

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