Fang Liu

Founder at Leader Patent & Trademark Firm

Fang Liu, founder of Leader Patent & Trademark Firm, channels over 25 years’ experience into truly impressive performances in the most complex cases. Her practice covers patent drafting, prosecution, infringement litigation, invalidation action, IP judicial appraisal and IP strategy consultation.

With the practical experience gained from handling over 1,000 patent drafting, prosecution and invalidation cases, Ms Liu has a deep insight into the relationship between technological contribution and patent protection. Her opinions and views have led to a number of her cases being recognises a typical or outstanding cases by various courts, and have triggered amendments to the Patent Examination Guidelines. Ms Liu has also conducted extensive research on SEPs and handled a very large number of notable SEP litigations, which play a significant role in promoting the judicial practice of patent protection in China.

Ms Liu serves as an executive director of the All China Patent Agent Association and the China Intellectual Property Society, and is the secretary general of the Network Intellectual Property Committee. She has won numerous awards, such as the Outstanding Talent of National Intellectual Property and the China Five-Star Patent Agent awards.

Notable cases

  • Qualcomm v Apple, a series of SEP and non-SEP cases, in which she represented Qualcomm, and which was rated No 1 of 10 Typical Cases of Innovation Protection in 2019, No 1 of 10 Typical Cases of Re-examination and Invalidation in 2018 and among the 10 Hot Cases of Intellectual Property in China in 2018
  • Nokia v Huaqin Telecom, a series of SEPs and non-SEPs cases, in which she represented Huaqin Telecom, from which the first judgment for SEP litigation in China originated, and ranked among the Top 10 Cases in 2014 by the China court system
  • China Battery Industry Association v Canadian Hydropower Corporation, in which she represented the China Battery Industry Association, and which ranked among the Top 10 National IP System Cases
  • Huawei v Ericsson, a series of SEP cases, in which she represented Huawei, and which was selected as the Guiding Case by the Supreme People’s Court

Sample client list

  • Daimler
  • Haier
  • Huawei
  • MTK
  • Nokia
  • NXP
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Sony

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