Eduardo Magalhães Machado

Senior Partner at Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello

Eduardo Magalhães Machado’s practice focuses on strategic advice regarding the development, maintenance and enforcement of trademark portfolios for a wide range of clients, helping them achieve their objectives in an efficient and cost-conscious manner.

Mr Magalhães Machado actively participates in a wide number of IP associations, such as the International Trademark Association, MARQUES and the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, promoting the exchange of experience and improving the capacity to understand the dynamics of the global business environment.

Mr Magalhães Machado studied law at Candido Mendes University, where he graduated in 1982. He obtained his LLM from the Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre in 2009.

Mr Magalhães Machado is also an arbiter at both WIPO and the National Arbitration Forum’s domain names dispute resolution centres and, as such, has been responsible for several landmark decisions.

Recent publications

  • “Madrid protocol: Brazil almost there”, Trademark Lawyer, June 2019
  • “The importance of Intellectual Property to ALAE” (Brazilian aw firms alliance), ALAE, July 2019, 
  • “The IP environment has evolved in harmony with Brazil’s development”, Lexology, October 2019
  • “Protocolo de Madrid - Perspectivas sobre a implementação”, Revista ASPI, nº 4, November 2019

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Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello
Av Almirante Barroso 139
7th Floor
Rio de Janeiro 20031-005

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