Dan Fischer

US Patent Attorney at aera

Dan Fischer is a former partner at one of the largest IP law firms in the United States, and is the point attorney for clients, large and small, in various technological fields that seek to become players in their respective fields through the development of their IP portfolios. Mr Fischer joined Aera as a patent attorney in late 2020 in order to expand his knowledge of European law for his clients.

Mr Fischer received his JD from the University of Southern California where he worked in the USC IP and Tech Clinic. Before attending law school, he obtained a BS in materials science and engineering with concentrations in biomaterials and polymers from the University of Illinois. He is currently working towards qualifying as a European patent attorney.

Mr Fischer has worked in a number of fields, including metals/alloys, semiconductors and circuits, polymers, computer procedures, thermal spray coatings, composites, medical devices, oil pipes, catalytic converters, building construction, truck, car and other vehicle accessories/components, and drug delivery nanoparticles, giving him a well-rounded practice and experience.

Professional associations

  • California Bar
  • New York Bar

Sample client list

  • A P Møller Maersk
  • Biograil
  • GN Audio
  • GN Hearing
  • Knobbe Martens
  • Sony Corporation

Firm details

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10
Copenhagen K 1153

Contact details

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