Carrie Distler

Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting Inc

Carrie Distler is a senior managing director at FTI Consulting and is based in Chicago. Ms Distler specialises in IP disputes and management involving patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets, and has provided expert testimony relating to damages, including design patent and trademark damages.

Ms Distler has performed numerous reasonable royalty and lost profits calculations and valued technology across biopharmaceutical, telematics, telecommunications, agribusiness, automotive and heavy equipment and consumer product industries. She also provides market research for use in licensing deals, conducts royalty audits and offers preliminary damage assessments.

Ms Distler has worked extensively in life sciences matters. She possesses in-depth knowledge of the biopharmaceutical market from her experience in providing liability and damage analyses in average wholesale price litigation across multiple jurisdictions, including the roles and policies of generic and branded manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and third-party payers. Her work in this area also includes analysis of licence agreements, pricing and discounts. She has testified in Paragraph IV challenges regarding secondary considerations of non-obviousness. In the medical device area, Ms Distler has worked for the leading medical device companies for products in the endovascular, orthopaedic, spinal and cardiac areas. Analyses included determining reasonable royalties and lost profits for patent infringement matters, as well as valuing technology for licensing and venture capital raising purposes.

Her reasonable royalty assessments have included complex financial and cost analyses to derive measures of value for patented features, use of comparable licences to determine royalty rates (including fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory agreements in standard-setting industries) and competitive market evaluations to ascertain the impact of patented features. Ms Distler has performed lost profits analyses addressing damage issues pertaining to price erosion, market definition and share allocation and convoyed sales. Lastly, she has also managed large patent enforcement actions involving multiple defendants.

Ms Distler graduated magna cum laude from the University of Missouri with a BA in economics. She also earned an MA in economics from the University of Missouri.

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