Bernabé Zea

Founding Partner at ZBM Patents & Trademarks

Bernabé Zea founded ZBM Patents & Trademarks with Anna Barlocci and Peter Markvardsen in 2003. He has extensive experience in preparing patentability, infringement and freedom-to-operate opinions, negotiating patent licences, conducting due diligence and drafting patents. His practice focuses on organic chemistry and pharmacy, but also includes biotechnology and biochemistry.

Mr Zea frequently acts as an expert in patent court actions before Spanish courts. He has acted as a technical expert both within and outside Spain in cases involving blockbuster drugs such as atorvastatin, escitalopram, alendronate, tamsulosine, venlafaxine and the most recent cases of fulvestrant and pemetrexed.

Mr Zea is CEO and the driving force behind ZBM BConnect, a consultancy firm that assists private companies and public research institutions in optimising their technology transfer activities. His main duties in ZBM BConnect are the management of the company, obtaining technology from companies and other institutions, and conducting technology transfer negotiations.

Mr Zea started teaching at the Patent Centre of the University of Barcelona in 1988. He is an expert in searching patent and scientific literature, as he was a representative of both STN International and Chemical Abstracts Service in Spain for over 10 years. Before this, he worked for Questel-Orbit.

Since 1988 he has lectured regularly on patent matters on courses organised by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the Patent Centre of the University of Barcelona, as well as on the main Spanish master’s programmes on intellectual property. He has authored several articles on patent matters and patent documentation in Spanish newspapers and specialised journals.

He currently combines his position as partner at ZBM with his position as professor at the University of Barcelona.

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