Bea Koempel-Thomas

Partner at Lee & Hayes, PC

Bea Koempel-Thomas’s practice is devoted to advising on and assisting US-based and international clients with IP issues, including preparation and review of inventor agreements, drafting of US and PCT patent applications, prosecution of patent applications in the United States and managing international patent portfolios – all with an eye to enhancing the business value of each client’s IP assets.

She speaks regularly on IP topics, including US activities shaping the international patent landscape, drafting patents for computer-implemented inventions with a focus on successful prosecution in the United States, China, Japan, Canada and before the European Patent Office, patentable subject matter, patent quality in the United States, international protection of intellectual property, and foreign filing licence and inventor remuneration requirements.

Ms Koempel-Thomas applies her knowledge of US and global patent policy and procedures to meaningfully advance her clients’ interests in the areas of information security, artificial intelligence – including machine learning, machine vision and data mining – and related computer technologies, as well as business methods, financial technology and energy management solutions.

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