Bart Jacobs

Partner at Arnold & Siedsma

Bart Jacobs is a Dutch and European patent attorney and a partner at Arnold & Siedsma. Before joining the firm, Mr Jacob first gained substantial research experience in the laboratories of major technical companies. He worked, for example, for Philips Semiconductors/NXP Semiconductors on the subject of radio frequency front-end modules for mobile phones. His industrial experience has given Mr Jacob an outstanding ability to translate the theory of technical inventions into something tangible, and to act as an expert sounding-board for questions in this area. Furthermore, Mr Jacob understands the particular requirements associated with portfolio management for larger high-tech companies.

At Arnold & Siedsma, Mr Jacob is responsible for prosecuting patents in the fields of electrical engineering, physics and mechanical engineering. He specialises in the patenting of inventions in radio frequency electronics, semiconductor physics, semiconductor manufacturing processes, imaging technologies and telecommunications. He also has substantial experience in the drafting of mechanical engineering applications.

For Mr Jacob, the challenge for the patent attorney lies in the combination of technology, law and language. Logic plays a major role here, but the key is to be able to grasp the essence of the invention in order to protect the idea in the best possible way. Mr Jacob enjoys a good argument and discussion, and likes to be questioned about the work he delivers.

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