Ari Laakkonen

Partner at Powell Gilbert LLP

Ari Laakkonen is a partner at Powell Gilbert LLP, a specialist IP law firm based in London. Dr Laakkonen has a huge breadth of experience in the IT, electronics and telecommunications sectors derived from his in-depth technical knowledge and from experience as both in-house and external legal counsel. He specialises in patent litigation – mainly in electronics but also in other sectors – and is a solicitor advocate. He also advises on general IP matters, including trademarks, design and copyright.

Dr Laakkonen regularly advises on developing areas of law such as the exhaustion of IP rights and the interaction of competition law with intellectual property – for example, licensing obligations in connection with SEPs. Dr Laakkonen also provides general strategic advice and advises clients on multi-jurisdictional strategy within Europe in complex technology disputes.

Dr Laakkonen is currently the second deputy reporter general of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and has published widely on all aspects of IP law. He is also a member of the British Computer Society and a chartered engineer. He has a PhD in computer science from Imperial College, London. Dr Laakkonen is a regular speaker at the Fordham IP Conference and lectures on the Oxford University IP diploma course.

His recent cases include LG v Sony (patents), Apple v HTC (patents), Rovi v Virgin Media (patents), Vringo v ZTE (patents), TCT v Ericsson (patents), Sony v SSH (patents), PulseOn v Garmin (designs), Garmin v Philips (patents), Spectris v Omega (trademarks), Garmin v Navico (patents) and Kapitza v Remember (copyright).

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