Annemie Jaeken

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Annemie Jaeken is head of VO Patents & Trademarks’ Leuven office, where she has worked since 2012. She joined VO as a patent attorney in 2005, working on many aspects of the broad mechanical field.

Ms Jaeken trained as an aerospace engineer and in business administration. After graduating in the field of helicopters at Eurocopter Germany, Ms Jaeken worked in an aerospace research organisation for several years. She then worked on offshore engineering and installation projects.

Ms Jaeken’s practice involves various aspects of protecting and enforcing intellectual property. Today, she works with clients to build and tailor their IP portfolio to their business strategies and assists them in IP negotiations.

Ms Jaeken’s specialisms include aerospace, agriculture, appliances, automotive technology, biomechanics, building industry, civil engineering, constructions, consumer products, electronics, energy and sustainability, engineering, ergonomics, health products, industrial design, IP due diligence, legal scans, licensing, litigation, mechanical technology, mechanics, mechatronics, offshore, optics, shipbuilding, tech starters and valorisation.

Previous testimonials for Ms Jaeken include the following:

  • “Annemie Jaeken is in her element when advising start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and handles business strategy and IP negotiations with assurance” (IAM Patent 1000, 2019).
  • “Annemie Jaeken makes her IAM Patent 1000 debut, garnering praise from foreign associates who value her ‘technical expertise and quick thinking’. ‘Combining efficiency with a profound understanding of client technology, she assists in offering a clearer picture of novelty and scope of protection’” (IAM Patent 1000, 2018).

Professional associations

  • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys

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VO Patents & Trademarks
Science Park Arenberg
Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4
Leuven 3001

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