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Software, electronics and semiconductors most transacted assets in Q3 2023

The latest AST Patent Deals Report shows assets being transacted by the likes of Huawei and Intel on the sell side, and Philips and Softbank on the buy side

24 November 2023

Coming to America: funding for small innovators seeking patents to enter the US

We spotlight IP funding programmes in Singapore, Germany, China, and the European Union that incentivise small-to-medium-sized enterprises to globalise their patent portfolios

22 November 2023

US policymakers wading through stakeholder feedback on patents and technology standards

Public comments by the implementer and SEP holder camps show the ideological dividing lines that the USPTO, NIST, and International Trade Association need to navigate

16 November 2023

AI can super-charge private practice work – but experts warn that there are still considerable risks

Nine thought leaders stress that, while AI can transform how practitioners’ work, it cannot – and must not – replace them

16 November 2023

America Invents Act co-author bemoans PTAB harassment of patent owners

Former Representative Lamar Smith supports reforms in PREVAIL Act at Senate hearing over the bill, but other witnesses feel PTAB judges do a good job

09 November 2023

Top 100 US patent owners 2022

Featured in Portfolio Data

Dolcera’s analysis of US patents last year shows Samsung dominates in volume and increasing emphasis on AI filings by companies

27 October 2023

Oracle and Apple won IPR stays from US Judge Albright and others. Can you?

In a recent trend, even those US district courts that loathe to stay litigation are scrutinising PTAB institution decisions when assessing whether an IPR will simplify litigation

10 October 2023

Prospect of European SEP regulation looms large in US policy debate

During a recent Washington DC event, SEP holders and standards implementers clashed about the European Commission’s draft proposal – and how the US should respond

29 September 2023

Innovator-implementer divide revealed to US policymakers considering IP, standards strategy

Standards contributors stressed their heavy reliance on licensing income while product manufacturers expressed frustration at the difficulty of calculating total SEP licensing costs

28 September 2023

New pair of Federal Circuit precedents add wiggle room for PTAB petitioners

The Axionics and Rembrandt rulings clarify that PTAB petitioners are not limited to their petitions’ arguments; they can adapt arguments to address patent owners’ post-institution claim constructions

26 September 2023

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