Organisation: US International Trade Commission

Data shows most SEP holders send pre-suit demand letters – for good reason

Court rulings reveal risks for SEP holders who fail to communicate pre-litigation, explaining why 80% of SEP suits we studied alleged pre-suit offers to engage in licensing negotiations

28 November 2023

Dive into trade secret complaints at the US International Trade Commission

We’re going beneath the surface using Docket Navigator data about ITC trade secret cases in light of Samsung Display’s new allegations against BOE

20 November 2023

Three misconceptions about filing design patent cases at the ITC

Corporate IP leaders should embrace that the US International Trade Commission is a powerful venue to litigate design patents – so let us debunk common misconceptions about the ITC

10 November 2023

Ericsson and InterDigital suits targeting Lenovo are among 220 US patent litigations it's defended

As new patent litigation heats up against the Chinese device manufacturer in the US, Docket Navigator data reveals its litigation behaviour and record of success

16 October 2023

US ITC legislation would limit NPE filings – but is this needed?

The “Advancing America’s Interest Act’s” will interest corporate chief IP officers considering an United States International Trade Commission complaint, defending a case as a respondent, or facing licensing demands

06 July 2023

Do not ignore public interest arguments in the USITC

Respondents in the United States International Trade Commission who argue public interest concerns thoroughly might grasp an opportunity to delay a remedial order or gain exceptions to its reach

04 July 2023

BREAKING: US Senators Tillis and Coons re-file patent eligibility bill

The Patent Eligibility Restoration Act aims to repair damage from US jurisprudence that Tillis says “is undermining American innovation and allowing foreign adversaries like China to overtake us”

22 June 2023

Strategies for patent portfolio licensing enforcement at the ITC

The statute’s injunctive type relief is an attractive weapon to apply pressure to prospective licensees, as multiple litigation strategies demonstrate

19 June 2023

Know these US International Trade Commission legal developments from 2023’s first half

One 2023 US ITC ruling in a case by DISH against lululemon, Peloton Bikes, and NordicTrack, should serve as a reminder that cases can be won or lost based on the specific wording of remedial orders

15 June 2023

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