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Seven key takeaways from Nokia’s disputes with Oppo and Vivo

The recently settled battles offer several lessons for patent strategists

20 February 2024

Nokia completes 5G smartphone renewal cycle with seventh major deal

Finnish company now free to step up efforts in new growth areas

09 February 2024

BREAKING: Nokia and Vivo sign 5G patent cross-licence agreement

The deal comes on the heels of the Oppo pact and will boost licensing revenues at a time when the Finnish patent holder has suffered steep drop-offs in net sales and profitability

05 February 2024

Nokia’s 2023 financial results underscore importance of Oppo settlement

Deals with Chinese companies are crucial for boosting revenues following disappointing year

25 January 2024

BREAKING: Nokia and Oppo sign 5G patent cross-licence agreement

The long-awaited deal brings an end to over two years of litigation spanning India, China, Brazil, the UK and Germany

24 January 2024

Unpicking the implications of Oppo v Nokia and what it means for global licence rates

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

The First Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing Municipality has handed down the world’s first aggregate royalty rate for 5G, evaluated the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio and determined a value contribution ratio for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G technologies, confirming Oppo’s obligation to pay for the use of Nokia’s patents.

23 January 2024

EU seeks access to China’s secretive Oppo-Nokia global FRAND rate decision

Only the parties’ Chinese counsel have been allowed access to the unredacted version of the ruling

15 January 2024

Specialist Chapter: Navigating High Stakes Patent Injunction Abuse

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

Negotiating licences under the threat of injunction can be challenging – a deep dive into high-stakes examples reveals as much. However, with the right guidance and prioritisation, litigants can maintain fair competition and dispute resolutions that foster innovation and economic growth.

10 January 2024

Nokia inks 5G patent cross-licence with Chinese handset maker Honor

The deal is the fourth major smartphone agreement Nokia has concluded without litigation within the past 12 months and comes as Honor re-enters the Indian market

04 January 2024

Delhi High Court demands full access to Chinese Nokia-Oppo FRAND rate ruling

Move comes as Oppo agrees Indian judge can set local, but not global, FRAND rate

20 December 2023

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