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Managing infringement threats across the supply chain

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

The courts in China generally maintain in foreign-related OEM cases that affixing a trademark to a product should be deemed as use and that there is also a possibility of confusion. While some manufacturers have successfully defended themselves against claims of infringement, the cost is often high.

27 September 2023

Solicitor general apologises for omission to US Supreme Court, blames PTAB misinformation

Surprising move comes amid ‘panel stacking’ revelations in an employment dispute between a judge and the USPTO and now vacating and remanding the contentious IPR has been proposed

25 May 2023

PTAB judge wins appeal in whistleblowing case raising explosive panel-stacking allegations

The patent office has publicly removed management and the director from influencing PTAB judges’ decisions, yet hasn’t embraced accountability for “abuse” against Michael Fitzpatrick

24 May 2023

Provenance and transparency: secret weapons to revolutionise brand value

Companies cannot afford to be indifferent to ESG practices – transforming their approach will have a substantial impact on shareholder value and other intangible assets.

14 December 2022

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