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Final week to have your say on the IP5 for IAM’s benchmarking survey

Our 2023 questionnaire gives you the chance to anonymously rate the five engines that power the global patent system – and takes no more than 15 minutes

27 June 2023

European patent owners must publish Turkish translation of claims to claim compensation

A fresh case analysis sheds light on the need for European patent owners to publish the Turkish translation of the claims in order to claim compensation for damages suffered over a certain time period, without waiting for the EPO to grant or reject the application.

14 June 2023

IAM benchmarking survey is back: have your say on the IP5

The IAM Patent Office Benchmarking Survey 2023 will shed light on the prosecution landscape at a time when companies might be looking to pivot their strategy due to the economic crisis

13 June 2023

EPO Patent Index reveals Sweden and Denmark in top three of application tables by population size

Sweden and Denmark continue to hold their own in terms of patent filings against countries with significantly larger populations, indicating that regardless of size, countries – and their innovators – thrive when their governments take an active stance on supporting education and innovation.

17 May 2023

EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal confirms use of post-published data to support inventive step

The long-awaited G 2/21 decision is good news for applicants in the pharmaceutical space that have to rely on submitting experimental evidence generated or published after the application’s filing date.

06 April 2023

How the UPC will likely affect invalidation proceedings in Turkey

While Turkey is not a UPC member state, the UPC’s lack of case law means that it will rely on EPO jurisprudence – a crucial element of Turkish judicial proceedings. It is thus highly likely that UPC proceedings and EPO evaluations will have a big impact on one another.

29 March 2023

State of inventiveness in Europe

The region is lagging behind its global peers in invention productivity but there are ways this gulf can be crossed

24 February 2023

German court establishes legal certainty for appeals against EPO decisions

The German Federal Constitutional Court has ruled against plaintiffs who argued that the EPO violated fundamental procedural rights and possesses obvious shortcomings in its level of legal protection.

01 February 2023

How to secure software patents in Greece

Legal protection for software remains highly challenging in Greece. Patent hopefuls must ensure that their programs contain – and omit – key characteristics outlined by the EPO and Greek law.

14 December 2022

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