Organisation: EUIPO

EUIPO executive director maintains office has capacity to implement SEP regulation

João Negrão says the organisation is awaiting further development of the patent proposal before commencing substantive work

01 November 2023

The EUIPO’s role will be as a facilitator, not an SEP deal maker

Outgoing executive director Christian Archambeau says office will work as an administrative entity only if European Commission plans to regulate SEP licensing come into force

06 July 2023

What the proposed EC SEP regulation might mean for US litigation

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

The European Commission’s SEP proposal would transform the global SEP landscape, with uncertainty and near-term risk potentially pushing SEP holders towards US suits. If the regulation proceeds, future US litigation may well involve disputes over whether a non-binding expert opinion on aggregate royalty may be presented to a US jury.

08 June 2023

How the EC’s SEP licensing regulation will harm SMEs

As things stand, the only winners from the proposals will be deep pocket implementers – but there may be a way out of the mess

06 April 2023

DG GROW seeks to replace established FRAND valuation and licensing practices with top-down rate setting

Plans for patent essentiality checking, patent counting and aggregate royalty apportionments at EUIPO disregard prevailing valuation benchmarks in numerous long-established comparable licences

05 April 2023

Entrusting SEP/FRAND to EUIPO is fraught with challenges

The move would entail a major shift for the organisation which does not have patent experience

29 March 2023

European Commission to propose radical new SEP/FRAND regime with major consequences for patent owners

Draft EU rules are set to empower EUIPO with mandatory essentiality checking framework but kickback expected

29 March 2023

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