Organisation: China National Intellectual Property Administration

Assessing patent stability before enforcement in China

The number of invalidation attempts in China is staggering, with chances of success in such actions fairly high. It is thus vital for patentees to be armed with knowledge before enforcing their patent as doing so will almost always trigger an invalidation attempt.

22 February 2023

Filing trademarks in China: key steps for foreign applicants

Both the national and international registration routes have benefits and pitfalls for foreign entities seeking to register their trademarks in China. It is crucial to develop a thorough checklist in order to make an informed decision.

11 January 2023

CNIPA invalidates a copycat mark based on prior name right of a French designer

The CNIPA is beefing up efforts to clamp down on bad-faith filings, so it is crucial that brand owners leave no stone unturned to prove bad faith of copycat infringers.

07 December 2022

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