Organisation: Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office

Brazil: SEPs and FRAND – litigation, policy and latest developments

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

With a large middle-class population, a pro-market government and a sizeable domestic market, Brazil already owns one of the largest markets worldwide and is becoming increasingly relevant in global patent disputes.

27 October 2023

On the cusp of change: patent landscape overhaul is good news for healthcare innovation in Brazil

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

The reduction of the patent term for pharmaceuticals resulted in uncertainty for stakeholders in Brazil. However, new legislation designed to modernise the country’s patent system and foster the innovation ecosystem are paving the way to Brazil becoming an increasingly attractive jurisdiction.

25 August 2023

Lula clears out Brazil IP office leadership

Move could see ‘temporary paralysis’ at INPI

12 January 2023

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