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Beijing Wanhuida Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, and Beijing Wanhuida Law Firm was founded in 2003.

——The headquarter is located in Beijing, and has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing and other places in China.

——Professional team of 450+ people, 40+ partners, 260+ professional lawyers, patent agents, trademark agents and other backbones .

——Serving thousands of clients all over the world, the business covers all areas of intellectual property legal services, and ranks among the industry leaders in various branches such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, protection and litigation. The professional and regional platform advantages enable the working team to maximize the sharing of resources and provide clients with comprehensive and integrated intellectual property legal services.

——Wanhuida's professional advantages are not only reflected in the number of leading case agents, but also in the fine operation and innovative thinking of cases. So far, more than 40 cases have been included in the Supreme Court Gazette, or the top ten intellectual property cases of the year, or fifty classic cases; dozens of other cases have been rated as the annual top ten / excellent by local industry and commerce, customs or courts case.

——Wan Huida wrote, edited or translated and published "Well-known Trademarks and Legal Protection of Famous Trademarks", "Trademark Law" (first and second editions), "China Trademark Report", "China Patent Report", "Twelve Trademark Law of China, Copyright Law of Twelve Countries, French Intellectual Property Code (Legal Section) (first and second editions), Zheng Chengsi Intellectual Property Collection - Trademark and Anti-Unfair Competition Volume, China Trademark IV Ten years", "China's Trademark and Unfair Competition Case Essentials", "The Impact of Use on the Scope of Trademark Protection: A Study of China-EU Comparative Law", "International Intellectual Property Development Report" (trademark section) and dozens of other important works. Participate in the formulation of national intellectual property strategies, the formulation and revision of important intellectual property laws and regulations, and various other professional seminars. At the invitation of the World Intellectual Property Organization, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property China Branch, European Union Intellectual Property Office, China - EU Intellectual Property Project Phase II, Japan External Trade Organization and other organizations or institutions, Wanhuida has participated in many intellectual property research projects. Wanhuida also cooperates with several media columns, including "Global Information" of "China Trademark" magazine and so on.

——Wan Huida and its professionals have important positions in many intellectual property industry organizations and exert a positive influence, including the vice president of the China Trademark Association, the vice president of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association, and the director of the China Copyright Association , a member of several professional committees of the International Trademark Association, a director of the China Branch of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, and a member of several professional committees, etc.

——Wanhuida has been ranked in the first echelon in the selection of intellectual property business in China by many international professional media for many consecutive years, and has been awarded China's Outstanding Intellectual Property Litigation Team, Best Law Firm, and Top Ten by the media or relevant industry associations for many years. Law Firm, Excellent Trademark Agency, Beijing Excellent Patent Agency and many other honorary titles.

Wanhuida's intellectual property, professionalism creates possibilities, and communication achieves quality!


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